Familien Fotoshooting am Kochelsee

Family photo shoot on the Bavarian lake

Family photo shoot at the Bavarian Lake Kochel: Alp mountains, wonderful lake and a lot of sun!

Last summer I have photographed my colleague photographer Katja with her family. For our photo shoot we have chosen the wonderful Bavarian Lake Kochel. Quiet place far from the city, the freshness of water, marvelous landscapes with the view on the mountains... What can be better for a nice family photo shoot!

As I always say, Bavaria is famous for its wonderful nature. Alp mountains, crystal lakes and small picturesque villages... all those things are perfect to photograph. And if you live here you should definitely use the opportunity! 

Although family shoots are not expensive, let's say compared to weddings, it' s often being disregarded. A lot of people are just scared to organise this. You need to prepare the outfits for all the members of your family, to arrange an appointment with the photographer and the make-up artist, to make sure everybody is prepared. Actually it's not that difficult at all. For a family photo shoot you don't need to buy any fancy expensive clothes, especially if it's outdoors. It should be simple and natural to you. The basic rule is just the matching colours in the outfits. Look how Katja styled her family! Nothing extraordinary, just jeans and T-shirts for the boys and a simple summer dress. It looks effortless, but at the same time very harmonious with the surroundings. 

A good photographer will also advise you on the clothes and on a choice of different locations to shoot at and recommend you a list of make-up artist / stylist to work with. 

After all, the moments with our families are the most precious. One of the best gifts you can do for yourself is to save these moments and memories forever! Just imagine how nice and fun it will be to look at those pictures in 10 or 20 years with your grown-up children and maybe grandchildren! =)

Your Family and Wedding photographer in Munich. =)


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